World Digital Weeks

Collen Mphabantshi

Chief Executive - The Banchi Group

Mukhamejan Duzenov

Co-Founder - Seiko Labs

Dr. Burkhard von Spreckelsen

Advisor, ArtificiaI Intelligence

Iravan Hira

Managing Director - HPE Bulgaria

Nida Zohra

Aerospace Engineer at QAS Arabia Co

Jean Marc Bejjani

Robotics and AI Engineer

Carlo Boldrini

Systems Engineer - SAS

Peter Roessger

Founder & CEO of beyond HMI

Can Konur

Expert Business Consultant at KocDigital

Daniel Hulme

CEO at Satalia

Mathew Joseph

Vice President at Apar Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Ozgur Akarsu

Head of AI & Data Analytics at KocDigital

Elpida Bantra

IoT Consultant at CANCOM

Aviv Frenkel

Co-Founder, CEO at Enroute

Salvador Marín Montero

Consultant, technological influencer at Salvador Marín

JR Reagan

CEO/President at IdeaXplorer Global

Stefano Tempesta

CTO, Microsoft Regional Director

Gurkan Huryilmaz

President at TUSMOD Procurement and Supply Management Association,

James Lai

Chairman at MiyoTA

Ranjit Khompi

Head – Learning & Development at Reliance Retail Ltd

Markus Pfefferer

Managing Partner - Tibil Solutions

Alex Bolinelli

Head of Lean and Smart Factory at Hilti Ag

James Serra

Data & AI architect at Microsoft

Prashant Khairnar

CEO & Co-Founder at iConsulto Tech Private Limited

Sudha Jamthe

CEO of IoTDisruptions,

Sarunas Simaitis

Partner at

Nir Netzer

Chairman of the Israeli FinTech Association

Tatiana Pomar

CEO at hiSofi

Sofia Gamboa

Community Partner Mexico at Fintech Connector

Amarit Franssen

CBDO at AppMan Co

Dalene Deale

Director: Fintech at Transunion

Răzvan Enache

Founder at r10e Fintech

Francisco Guillén

CEO at BlockTac

Ana Nives Radovic

Founder and researcher at FinTech Online Center

Lara Olms

Tax Consultancy FinTech & Blockchain Associate at actus ag

Marianna Levtov

Commercial Project Manager at Nexxiot AG

Dmitry Lavrenov

Blockchain Architect and Cryptographer at Coherent Solutions

Joshua Salifu

Director Of Academics at United Africa Blockchain Association

Alex Axelrod

CEO and Founder at Aximetria GmbH

Emine Gokce Phillips, PhD

CEO and Co-founder at CryptoIndexSeries

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