World Digital Weeks

Jelena Milentijević

CEO & Founder of Digital Plus

Marta Denkiewicz

UX Consultant at Panacea Digital

Marco R. Majer

Strategy & Ecosystems at Digital Hub Initiative Germany

David Kwo

EPR Consultant and Researcher at PeopleSource

Dr. Ismail Sayeed

Founder, CEO at ViOS, Inc,

Sana Bouyahia

Partnership manager at Digital Pharma Lab,

Nuoya Chen

Marie Curie Fellow at HEART-ITN Project,

Khalid Ghaloua Adine

Head of Digital Health Industry at Etisalat

Nimrod Israely, PhD

CEO of Biofeed

Gabriel do Nascimento

CEO of NONG Precision Agriculture

Clémentine Calvier

Environmental and Social Compliance Consultant at Continental Clothing Company

David Shepherd

Director of Activ8water

Tatsuhisa Nishijima

Chairman of the Board at Liquid Technologies International, Inc.

Dr Dinesh Chauhan

Director of Indigram Group

Krishna Srinivasan

CEO of Ansio

Weiyu Li

Account director at VCearth

Ramin Ebrahimnejad

Vice Chair of the Board of Association for Vertical Farming,

Harshit Kumar Lohani

IoT Data Scientist at Corteva Agriscience

Surajit Sinha

Vice President-AgriTech at Ansio

Harrij Schmeitz

Owner & Chief Dream Officer at Technology Pull

Xiwen Qing

Partner & COO at VCearth

Dr. Shivangi Arvind

Chief Science Officer at AgEye Technologies

Balbir Singh

Head of Agronomy at Indorama Fertilizers,

Priya Guliani

Head of Operations at Government Blockchain Association

Fernando Xavier Arteaga Pozo

Cultural Manager,

Jessica Irwin

Assistant Director at The Center For Digital Antiquity

Ashish Manandhar

GIS Developer at Chiva Chaitya Organization

Yi Yuan

Producer at Hiverlab Pte Ltd

Tiziana Clara Luisi

Teacher at school,

Mark Osterman

Digital Experience Manager and Head of Education at Lowe Art Musem | University of Miami

Debajit Ghosh

M.Phil Research Scholar in Archaeology at Visva-Bharati University

Ana Mafalda Cardeira

Professor at Vocational School of Heritage of Sintra

Alexis Ironside

Freelance Archaeological/Historical Illustration at Killin & Tay Studios

Elisabeth Böhm

Project lead “Transfer of Knowledge” at SHMH (Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg

Benjamin Kuti

3D digitalization specialist at Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

Diana Pearl McNutt

Founder and Technician at Huntress Imaging

Michael Walsh

Professor of Art History/School Chair at NTU

Colette Elting

Online Visibility Expert and Mentor for Female Entrepreneurs/Comma! Online Marketing

Jennifer Iannolo

Founder & CEO/IMPERIA™

Jelena Plavanski

President and co-founder/Business angels Association of Serbia

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